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Virtual Assistant Position

30 days
United States
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This project is a complete local startup interior design & artwork business which represents contemporary interior designers & artwork by artists living in Canada, California and other part of NYC etc. It requires an average time of 2-3 hours daily and 10-12 hours weekly whereby applicant be making his/her own schedule but most importantly keep to our time budget. virtual assistant will be working directly with me as my personal assistant in handling variety of administrative tasks which may include: *Preparing brochures and other literature for mailings * Updating the inventory list * Payroll Management * Processing Art and Office Supplies * Respond to incoming correspondence * Provide administrative support to Art Consultants * Coordinate all accounts payable and receivable updating daily cash flow using Microsoft Excel. * Filing, typing, and other administrative tasks * Revising sales materials including catalogs, price lists, brochures, etc. * Refer customers who have additional questions to the Art Consultants or other appropriate individual. * Social media and website updating * Use computer software to generate new images for creating advert content . * File management with the help of Google drive * Email managing/labeling etc You'll be supervised through any other tasks or assignment which you're not familiar with.
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