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Hire the best voice over expert

Get your project done with professional freelancers
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Hire a freelance voice over professional and selecting the right voice over artist is one of those crucial steps that every small or huge business needs for improving their growth. Voice over work would be necessary, to bring more visibility to your business or your brand. Voice over talent is a great way to switch from paper advertising or marketing to audio and visuals once regard to online and wired communications of these days. Voice over jobs could vary among different project fields such as voice-over commercials (in any languages e.g. Arabic voice over, German voice over…), voice-over animation (e.g. voice over jobs for Disney), voice-over audiobooks, video games, etc. Hire a voice-over artist will bring some great benefits to your business. The first and the most important one is getting unforgettable on your audience group mind. The inflection of a voice and the narration on certain words can create a level of authenticity for your business. Then you have a chance to create a variable number of contents for your business, in this case, you will also help to increase your SEO and would get a higher rank in any search engines. Hire a freelance voiceover also will help to the improvement of your website conversion rate and increasing the click-through rate and ROI. This is evidence that proves, video content is more likely to be viewed or opened. Hiring professional freelancers on Perfectlancer is the best way to get more information about voice over work from home or remotely.
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If you skill is irrelevant deselect it.cant find in list?
voice over anchor music
Ike N.

Ike N.

Hi my name is ike, a university student. I can speak more than four languages and i will bevery happy to help you with your work.
video editing
3d animation
data entry
Social Media
graphic design
logo design
Content writting
Voice over
Aazim K.

Aazim K.

I am a hardworking individual with multiple talents and I am available for you I deliver the work with phenomenal quality
Video maker
Voice over
Technical writer
Article Writer
unknown M.

unknown M.

Proffesional mix & master for vocals, tag etc.
voice tag
mix master
Voice over
Arminas B.

Arminas B.

The voice of one of the Lithuanian nationwide televisions. Warm and friendly timbre that will work out perfectly both in the case of presentations and radio commercials. Very good availability.
Voice over
Audio Mixing
Carmen L.

Carmen L.

Highly skilled translator and proofreader.
virtual assistant
Voice over
Vinita G.

Vinita G.

I can write creatively in short time.
Content writer voice over artist
Voice over artist
Bhavana J.

Bhavana J.

I am a creative girl, I am interested in creating concepts for ad films or videos. Also I do anchoring and voice over .
creative writing
Content creating
Voice over
Anirudh M.

Anirudh M.

A freelance writer and trainer with over 6 years experience in this field.
Language trainer
content writer
Voice over artist
Maria P.

Maria P.
United States

Maria Pendolino is a professional female voiceover artist and voice actor. With a friendly, conversational, warm, millennial read, Maria is available to voice commercials for radio, TV, social media and streaming radio, explainer videos, corporate narration, e-learning & training narration, telephone systems and IVR, jingles and more. She has voiced content for Fortune 500 companies around the world including brands like Google, Dannon, Whole Foods, Dell, Verizon, American Express, Hoover and more. You can visit Maria on the web at www.voicebymaria.com.
Voice Actor
voice acting
Voice over
female voiceover
female voice actor
voice talent
female voice talent
explainer videos
corporate narration
e-learning narration
e-learning narrator
phone systems
radio commercials
pandora commercials
spotify commercials
Social Media
telephone systems
audio production
audio engineering
character voices
millennial voiceover

Tips to hire a voice over

By hiring voice over actors, you will get more values for your video ideas of your corporation. Hire an English voice over, hire a German voice over, hire Dutch voice over services, hire a Japanese voice over services, or hire any other voice over actor and voice over actress will help your business to grow faster and be at the top of the best. Freelance voice over services could be combine with an explainer video service for providing an animated video for your brand, to introduce your services or products. Hire an explainer video specialist only on this platform

What are the advantages of hiring a voice over actor?

In the following list, we are mentioning 5 benefits of hiring a voice over professional:

1.To provide the pleasant voice

Hire a professional voice over would provide you not only a smooth and distinctive voice for your voice over job listing in your company but also by hiring a voice over expert, you will provide a pleasant voice for your audience.

2.To provide the best style

Hire a freelance voiceover would be helpful for different styles and characteristics that you will need for your corporation. For animation voice over, you need an exciting, vibrant voice over style.

3.To provide sound durability

When you hire a professional voice over actor/actress and they implement your specific voice over style, they can help to keep the style and also reproduce it.

4.To provide the best script

Professional voice over talent will also provide you the best scenario. Also, you can hire a freelancer creative writer to provide the best description for your voice over projects

5.To provide the best quality

Hire a freelance voice over, from this freelancing platform will equip your company with high-quality results.

What are the different types of voice over jobs?

Hire a voice over talent would bring innovation to your business, but before that, you need to know more about the variety of this job:
  • Corporate: Like structural videos and training videos for your company
  • Commercial: Like promoting a particular brand, services, and product
  • Announcement: Like recording by voice over artists in malls, stadium, airports
  • Education: Like educational videos, such as translation for the academic book
  • Narration: the use of spoken commentary of a whole story for your audience. Like audiobooks
  • What do you need to provide for a professional voice over talent?

    Perfectlancer, as a freelancing platform would represent the best freelancers from all around the world. You can hire a professional freelancer only on this platform. But before hire a voice over talent, follow these structures:
  • What kind of voice over do you want for your business? Such as language, gender, age, personality, and tone
  • What kind of delivery do you want for the voice-over project? Such as pace, emotional tone, formality, smile.
  • What type of files do you want to have for the voice over project? Such as wav, mp3
  • How would you like your voice over files delivered? Such as Dropbox, email, etc.
  • What is the deadline for voice over project? Depending on the length and complexity of the script
  • Do you need a visual idea for your voice over project?
  • Do you want to have a collaboration with other experts? Such as hire an audio mixing expert to have more professional voice over projects.
  • What are the extra features do you want for your voice over project? Such as music, …
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